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What does the Tenant Fee Act mean for renters?

29th June 2019

 By Lucinda Lindsay

What is the Tenant Fee Act, what does it mean for tenants, and how will it impact renting with JLL from June 2019 onwards? Lucinda Lindsay, Residential Compliance Director, breaks it down.


European Living – Introducing Living Capital Markets

22nd May 2019

Simon Scott, UK Living Capital Markets Lead Director, discusses how changing demographics, social and economic drivers are fuelling investment decisions as investors put a greater focus on Living asset classes (including student housing, residential and healthcare).


Has Brexit been bad for UK housing?

20th May 2019

By Nick Whitten


In the eyes of some market commentators, Brexit has had a dampening effect on the entire UK housing market. But that is far from the truth.

The Shape of Multifamily

5th April 2019

By Adam Challis


From Build to Rent to Multifamily - what does the sector look like as it turns 10 years old, and what does the future hold?

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