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Knowledge is key to helping our customers meet their residential property goals. Our team of analysts turn data into actionable insights with reports, tools and infographics, giving you an effective view of the residential property market.

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Affordable Housing: Ready for Business

23rd June 2015

It is clear that the majority of RPs are already very active in some form of market-facing housing provision. But, have the risks been properly mitigated? Are organisations structured appropriately to manage future challenges facing the sector?

UK housing transactions

Mid Year Residential Market Update June 2015

3rd June 2015

After one of the more dramatic election nights in living memory, the housing market has received a strong boost from the Conservative win. This has been good news overall, but a shifting political landscape will have a number of far more nuanced implications across the UK.

Construction starts up again

Central London Residential Development Report March 2015

The general election is just around the corner – we ask how this and other influences such as the recent Stamp Duty reforms and the threat of Labour’s Mansion Tax are affecting residential developers and the residential sales market in Central London.

Manchester House Price Forecast

Northern England City Centre Report

23rd January 2015

In our latest research we ask whether residential markets in Northern England are ready for lift-off. We conclude that we believe that Northern England housing markets are at the beginning of a brighter future.

Employment Prospects Scotland

Scotland Residential Forecast

23rd January 2015

Our Scotland Residential Forecasts report suggests that Scottish housing markets are now positioned for growth.

Residential Forecast Report The Supply Conundrum November 2014

UK Residential Forecasts – The Supply Conundrum

A new Government will take office for a five year term from 2015, but what will this mean for the UK housing market? We believe that the next five years will be one of the most crucial for the UK housing market in a generation. The big question is whether we will be any further forward in solving the country’s housing supply crisis.

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