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Wishful Thinking

By Adam Challis

Change is a constant. It’s hard not to love that little paradox. At the same time, with yet another new housing minister for the industry, it also makes me wince just a little.

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Do possessions make people happy?

This question is frequently tackled by behavioural psychologists. So, what is the answer? Well, as is often the case with the human mind – it depends. It depends on individuals and it depends on their circumstances.

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Thought Leadership

By Adam Challis, JLL

It is clear that the Government intends to intervene more and more in the housing market. This attitude stems partly from the Housing White Paper, issued in February last year, but also a reorganised Home England, with Nick Walkley, a self-described ‘disruptor’ at the helm, restructuring the former Homes and Communities Agency to be more proactive and interventionist to get more homes delivered more quickly.

Are you a chicken or an egg?

By Adam Challis, JLL

The off-site manufacturing industry has a problem. It has plenty of friends, but nobody - yet - wants to be its best friend.

The broader housebuilding industry now seems to acknowledge that modernisation is at hand. Poor quality, aired like dirty laundry across the popular press in 2017, has undermined the faith and trust that consumers put into new build homes.

Bright side of the road

By Richard Petty, JLL

Collectively, the social housing sector is at a crossroads.  That may be an overused term, but particularly for the leading and largest RPs, it has never felt more apt.  The choices we make over a relatively short period in the next few months could come to define both our relationship with government, our position in the home building market; and our long-term legacy for years to come.  Why?  Let’s look at the signposts around us. 

The Problem with LVT (and Why I Support It Anyway)

By Adam Challis

Buried deep in the Labour Manifesto - on Pg 86 in fact - was the casual mention of a desire to explore a Land Value Tax. Had the Conservatives run a more effective campaign, it might have got a better airing. As it was, well…

Will the recent announcement made by government announcing a return to CPI plus 1% make a noticeable difference?

By Richard Petty

The government’s announcement that increases in social housing rents will return to CPI plus 1% for a period of five years, after the current period of rent cuts ends in March 2020, is undoubtedly welcome.

Party Conference Season: What the Conservatives have promised to boost housing supply and increase home-ownership

By Alexandra Jezeph

Responding to the housing problem carries a new political imperative for Conservatives.   It is hard to dispute the reception of Momentum by young people, but argument over the economic sense of Labour’s housing announcements can be a moot point for those who have no capital, and therefore no stake in capitalism.  Part of Labour’s appeal is simply the offer of change.

Central London Development - A Bumpy Ride

By Adam Challis

It is often cited that what happens in Central London ripples out through this city to the shires and countryside beyond. I have always found this analysis a bit too simplistic, but it does seem to hold weight among a few of today’s commentators.

Stop playing politics and go all in on housing policy

By Adam Challis

I have been inclined lately to proffer up yet another commentary – to add to the legion – on government plans to boost housing supply. I like to think it would be a well-reasoned critique, with a planning nip here and a land value tuck there, alongside yet another clarion call for more money. The presumption would be to spend wisely of course, these are still austere days after all – and away we go.

Except “we” never do go very far. Except housing supply never does respond very much. This, as a result, will not be that commentary.


By Adam Challis

After more than a year of facing some uncomfortable truths of a market on the wane, there is a change in the Prime London residential market that is worth noting. To the chorus of 'you would say that', I'm going to say it… there are signs of a market on the turn. Transactions have been driven down to record lows and despite the legion of estate agents looking to put a brave spin on things, the truth is the market has been pretty dire for most of 2016.