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What should the next London Mayor do to tackle the housing crisis?

By Rosemary Feenan

Urbanisation is now a very familiar word to many people, as the world’s population continues to increase. For some it is a term full of hope and promise, but in many cities and for many mayors, it is also synonymous with ever-present housing crises – as is the case in London.

Will ‘Airbnb bonus’ tempt buy-to-let landlords?

By Nick Whitten

Chancellor George Osborne announced in the Spring Budget that short-term landlords are to be given a £1,000 tax-free allowance, which begs the question - are home-lettings websites such as Airbnb set to become a viable alternative route to market for buy-to-let investors?

Winning the battle, losing the war

By Adam Challis

I recently attended a breakfast event hosted by Trowers and Hamlins looking at the true and full value created by development. Yes I know, Red Book, mark-to-market, income multiple and developments with ‘hope value’; this is not really what it was about.

Northern Renaissance

By Adam Challis

This week has been all about the UK’s regional cities. The recent ‘Cities Index’ report from think tank Centre for Cities does a great job of highlighting the opportunity that a balanced, healthy housing market can provide to support vibrant local economies. Quite right.

Housing Is Infrastructure Let's Treat It That Way

By Adam Challis

In the context of big cities, an individual home here or flat there doesn’t amount to much. Collectively, however, residential is the most valuable real estate in the country. More importantly, it touches every one of us in some way.
Housing matters.

Autumn Statement: The Impacts for Residential Investors

By Adam Challis

Yesterday’s announcement of a 3% Stamp Duty levy on non-primary residences – specifically buy-to-let investments and second homes – caught many by surprise. This change is an incredibly blunt instrument to deal with a complex set of housing market issues.

Rapid Prs Growth Puts Pressure On Rents

by Neil Chegwidden

Demand for rental accommodation has accelerated quickly over the past decade and there is little to suggest this trend will run out of steam anytime soon. With supply constraints possible in the medium-term, we believe there will be additional upward pressures on rents over the next five years.

Affordable Housing Providers Fight Back

By Adam Challis

I know it’s not everyone’s hot topic, but give me a minute – it’s important.

The affordable housing sector took one heck of a kicking this summer. A renewed Right to Buy programme followed by a 1% reduction in chargeable rents for each of the next four years has been followed by direct criticism of this “not particularly impressive” sector by chancellor George Osborne.

Lifting of Iran Sanctions: Implications for UK Residential Investment

The lifting of economic sanctions against Iran, which formally took place on 17th January, has raised a number of important questions about the impact on regional geo-politics, medium-term oil prices and opportunities for investment in the newly opened domestic economy.

Three key predictions for UK Residential sector in 2016

By Adam Challis

The divide between London and the rest of the UK will matter less and this year it will be between those who do or don’t qualify for home-ownership programmes

Social Housing - The End Of The World As We Know It?

By Richard Petty

The Summer Budget on 8 July presaged an avalanche of policy changes and threats which, taken together, feel like the end of the world as we know it for many in the affordable housing sector.  

We have a new government which is flexing the muscles of its mandate and confronting housing associations a very different ideology from the coalition...

Tomorrow's Skyline Will Be Our Legacy

By Helen Gough

The London skyline has been a big topic of conversation in the JLL office recently, mainly due to the retirement of JLL’s Mike Tiplady. Throughout his 31 years in the firm, he had been involved in the evolution of London’s skyline, from rebuilding Bishopsgate after the IRA bombing to the refurbishment of the former BBC World Service residence, Bush House.

Are Starter Homes Really The Answer?

By Richard Petty

The Housing and Planning Bill, published this week sets out the bare framework of how the government intends to promote the supply of Starter Homes in England.  Almost all the detail will emerge in regulations yet to be published – but it is clear that local authorities are going to be compelled to implement the government’s wishes...

London Politics is about to get interesting

By Guy Grainger

Last night I attended a Property Week/Olswang/CPA sponsored debate as 1 of 4 panellists, alongside Steve Norris (ex-London Mayor Candidate), Chris Taylor (President of British Property Federation) and Professor Tony Travers (Director of LSE London).

Crossing the Rubicon

By Adam Challis

The Conservative Party Conference story actually begins with Labour, or one Labour peer to be exact. The appointment of Lord Adonis to lead the newly-formed National Infrastructure Commission is sound; a former policy advisor and Transport Secretary, Andrew Adonis has the pedigree to step straight into the role and make a difference.