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Election Fever- Central London Residential Market

By Neil Chegwidden

The upcoming general election is impacting on the Central London development market. But how is it manifesting itself and what are the other influences and trends?
Well, developers seem to be carrying on regardless of the election, buoyed by the strong sales market of the past few years...

Can the UK follow Egypt’s Capital idea?

By Adam Challis

Egypt’s government has made headlines with its planned new capital city.
The 700 sq km city is expected to cost £30bn and take five to seven years to complete providing a home for five million residents
The aim is to ease congestion and overpopulation in Cairo over the next 40 years.

MIPIM: Resi is no longer an imposter

By Andrew Frost

At last week’s MIPIM I was struck by a feeling that the residential industry is no longer an imposter at the event.
In years gone by the annual property gathering in Cannes in the South of France has had a distinctly commercial feel.
However, the signs were everywhere...

MIPIM 2015: Election, London and the regions top the bill

By Nick Whitten

More than 21,000 property delegates are descending on Cannes in the South of France this week for MIPIM 2015 with the considerations of more than 300 of the world’s cities to address.
Among the attendees will be 3,200 chief executives and chairmen, 4,500 investors, 2,200 exhibitors, 2,100 local authority representatives, 1,400 architects and planners as well as thousands of other people connected to the global property industry.

Housing policies laid bare with 10 weeks to election

By Nick Whitten

With 10 weeks to go until the UK General Election, latest polls from YouGov show the Conservatives and Labour are tied for the lead.

YouGov’s poll indicates the Tories and Labour are both expected to win 33% of the vote on 7th May 2015. The Liberal Democrats...

Profound effect of overseas cash on UK housing

By Adam Challis

International capital is driving ever more profound shifts in the way UK residential is being delivered.

Overseas, off-plan purchases by individual investors have provided vital securitisation that triggers development funding and puts spades in the ground.

The residential development industry...

Solving the housing crisis is about choice

By Adam Challis

I’m often struck by the adaptability of Londoners. This trait is generally highlighted in times of strife; IRA bombings or 7/7, the riots of summer 2011 or yet another Tube strike.

For me, it is the ability to shoulder the little things; endless queues – everywhere, the daily grind of commuting, the occasional dysfunction of aging infrastructure.

Richard Petty on the lender – valuer relationship

By Richard Petty

Loan security valuations are for lenders. They are instructed by lenders, and reported to lenders. And, at the risk of “stating the bleedin’ obvious”, all property valuations for loan security purposes are given so that the lender has an independent opinion, at the date of valuation, of whether or not it could ultimately recover its debt through a sale of the security in a default situation.

Richard Petty: Walking a bond market tightrope

By Richard Petty

With the election now looming large on the horizon, all the major political parties have an increasing amount to say about their proposed solutions to the crisis of housing supply. Understandably, civil servants are also turning their minds to how we get more homes built to meet the needs of our growing (and ageing) population; and exactly who is going to build...

JLL webtool shows Crossrail house price effect

By Neil Chegwidden

Crossrail will become fully operational in late-2019. The east to west cross-London line will increase capacity by around 10% on the Capital’s tube and train network, but new research by JLL Residential forecasts how much prices and rents are projected to rise over the next six years as well as identifying the locations that will benefit most.

Which coalition is best for UK housing

By Adam Challis

Just a few weeks into 2015 and with the UK General Election on the horizon, the electioneering is in full swing.

For the next 15 weeks JLL UK Residential colleagues, clients and journalists will be asking about the impacts related to each of the likely outcomes. Let’s call this note a pre-emptive strike.

Where to build for London’s booming population

By Nick Whitten

Is Tower Hamlets the best place to build homes in the UK?
Based on population forecasts alone, it could well be.
Figures from the leading macroeconomic forecasting consultancy, Oxford Economics show the population of Tower Hamlets in East London is expected to rise...

Doubling up London’s first-time buyers

By Nick Whitten

The UK builds amongst the smallest homes in the world with floor space in new homes averaging 76 sq metres.

The above statistic frequently raises questions about how much space is required to meet people’s aspirations. New research from JLL Residential Research shows that first-time buyers...

Converging world of journalism and property research

By Nick Whitten

"So, you’re crossing to the dark side”.
That was the initial response from some of my former Estates Gazette colleagues when I said I was leaving my job as News Editor to join JLL as a researcher a typical accusation of any scribe that hangs up their pen to join the corporate world.

Richard Petty on JLL’s affordable housing survey

By Richard Petty

At JLL, we recently revealed the results of our annual survey of the requirements and intentions of institutional investors in what is now known as the established “Alternative sectors”. A few years ago, when we started concentrating our efforts in this arena, any property investment that was not one of the traditional three areas...