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We believe succeeding in property is as much about knowledge as bricks and mortar. Through rigorous, independent analysis and accurate data, we help our clients find competitive advantage. And through thoughtful debate and commentary we help set the direction for our industry.

Our researchers actively develop insights from across every area of our business. Because JLL advises across the entire residential spectrum, this means we can provide a holistic perspective on the property market, both in London and worldwide.

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Prime Central London - July 2018

The Prime Central London sales market is recovering some poise. The lower-end of the market is picking up and is seeing some price rises. The upper-end of the market, while some prices continue to adjust down, is seeing higher transaction volumes. The Prime Central London lettings market is also in recovery mode.

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Micro solutions to a macro problem – June 2018

Micro Living is not the only solution to the housing crisis in the UK. However, with appropriate checks and balances in place, it can provide an improved housing offering to a growing proportion of the population looking to live in cities.

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Central London Development - June 2018

The Central London Development sales market remains slower than developers would like, but prices have remained firm for the past year. Importantly, sales activity picked up strongly during Q1 2018. Some developers are delaying launches, but most are continuing with existing plans.

European Residential - Investment Research Report

The European residential investment market continues to grow at an impressive rate and this year the market has seen significant growth in demand from a wider range of global investors. Investors are attracted to the stable income profile, improved diversification and possibilities of building scale in the long term.

Prime Central London - May 2018

The Prime Central London sales market is still adjusting to the tax regime introduced more than three years ago. Economic and political uncertainty is further muddying the waters. We believe the market is entering a new phase with some long-time owners reconsidering their Prime Central London options. 

Micro Living Defined

The UK’s housing crisis has prompted the Government to set a target to build 300,000 homes per year to alleviate a critical imbalance between supply and demand. But what role might Micro Living play in addressing this imbalance?

Residential Update: Mayfair & St James's

Mayfair & St James’s are areas undergoing a transformational change. In recent decades one of the most expensive locations in the world has evolved into a largely commercial, retail and hotel destination. Surrounded by parks, adorned with iconic and historic buildings and home to London’s luxury retail, Mayfair & St James’s have undergone several eras of change.

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JLL UK Residential Forecasts - your complete view for 2018 and beyond

The UK housing market is adjusting to varying levels of political and legislative change, but the 'New Housing Paradigm' is about a bigger, structural shift.

Residential Forecasts: West Midlands

Birmingham’s city centre has grown as a desirable place to live for many of the city’s young professionals, especially over the past couple of years. As yet, however, the residential development market has not responded sufficiently to meet this growing demand. This is partly because the latest wave of demand is relatively new, but is also because of the scarcity of available, developable sites in the city centre. These dynamics have pushed sales prices and rents higher.

Residential Forecasts: South West England

Main regional city centres across the UK are expected to outperform with higher sales price and rental growth as the rise of city centre living continues. Both Bristol and Exeter have seen resurgent sales and rental markets in recent years.