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What does ‘Bridging the Gap’ mean to the affordable housing sector?

We have been talking about the need for a step change in housing supply, and how to achieve it, since at least 2004, when the Barker Review set the mark at 240,000 new homes per year. The line has recently moved up to 300,000 homes a year, but the collective efforts of the house building industry (including Registered Providers) has not been close in any year since 1969. We therefore have a huge backlog of unmet demand for homes that are affordable, decent, appropriate to needs and in the right place.

In this article, with contributions from JLL’s Adam Challis and Richard Petty, Dolphin Living’s Olivia Harris and Homes England’s Susan Emmett, we explore the many gaps in the affordable housing sector and how work needs to be done to address them.

Bridging the Gap Report Cover

We discuss how the affordable housing sector has a leading role in bridging gaps such as:

Demand and housing supply;

Cost of provision versus value;

Required construction capacity versus labour availability;

Planning applications and permissions;

Number of RPs – human and organisational capacity;

 Aspiration in terms of tenure; and 

Incomes and affordability.

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