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Paddington - Bearing Fruit

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Paddington’s roots are in transport and most crucially as a gateway into London. It has a rather chequered past, but is today being transformed into a new, vibrant business and residential community while the Heathrow Express and Crossrail are enhancing Paddington as a highly-connected transport hub. This JLL research assesses why we believe that the prospects for Paddington and for the residential market in and around Paddington are very bright.

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JLL Residential Report Paddington
The prospects for the Paddington residential market are very positive. Crossrail, or the new Elizabeth Line, will open here in late-2018 and will immediately elevate Paddington’s profile as well as footfall. This in itself will make Paddington a more appealing place to live, for owner-occupiers and for renters. But it is the escalation in development activity delivering residential space alongside office, retail and leisure uses that is helping to transform Paddington. 

The business occupiers, in Sheldon Square and to the west of the station in particular, together with the retail and leisure uses which accompany both business and residential occupiers, are all combining to create a truly mixed use and vibrant environment. And with new development opportunities likely to be few and far between following the building out of the current pipeline, the final pieces of the Paddington jigsaw are now falling into place.

JLL Residential Research Paddington
JLL Residential Research Paddington