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Micro solutions to a macro problem – June 2018

Micro Living is not the only solution to the housing crisis in the UK. However, with appropriate checks and balances in place, it can provide an improved housing offering to a growing proportion of the population looking to live in cities.

Crucially it is the prioritising of a city’s working and leisure options that can allow someone to sacrifice some of those same facilities and amenities in their own home.

Micro-solutions Front Cover

Micro solutions to a macro problem – June 2018

Micro Solutions

Key highlights include:

• In simple terms Micro Living can be defined as a housing solution that provides total personal living space below UK minimum space standards.

• House shares are the most common form of Micro Living in the UK, with millions of homes across the UK arranged in this format.

• Despite the planning system stating a minimum residential threshold of 37sq m, there has been an increasing amount of micro-homes built in the UK below that size with c.3,000 built in 2014, 5,600 in 2015 and 7,800 in 2016

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