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UK residential forecasts: The new housing paradigm

The UK housing market is adjusting to varying levels of political and legislative change, but the 'New Housing Paradigm' is about a bigger, structural shift.

A supportive environment for capital flows into the housing market over recent years is expected to close. Digital construction will also play an increasingly important role in housing delivery. Our new report - JLL Forecasts: The new housing paradigm considers the impact of these changes on market performance over the next 5 years and looks at how the UK housing market is expected to perform in 2018 and beyond.

UK Residential Forecast: New housing paradigm


Key Highlights:

More moderate UK house price growth for the next 5-10 years

Brexit will remain a short-term drag on the UK housing market

New Housing paradigm good for government, the economy, buyers, sellers and industry participants

UK house price growth are set to ease

UK transactions will improve at a moderate rate

UK housing starts to remain buoyant

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