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We believe succeeding in property is as much about knowledge as bricks and mortar. Through rigorous, independent analysis and accurate data, we help our clients find competitive advantage. And through thoughtful debate and commentary we help set the direction for our industry.

Our researchers actively develop insights from across every area of our business. Because JLL advises across the entire residential spectrum, this means we can provide a holistic perspective on the property market, both in London and worldwide.

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UK Residential Investment - Into the Mainstream November 2016

The strength of momentum behind UK residential investment continues to improve, despite good reasons to expect otherwise. The headwinds are well-known; softening market performance, post-EU referendum uncertainty and changes to Stamp Duty that could have undermined growth of the asset class.

UK Residential Forecasts – Uncharted Territory November 2016

Brexit will dominate UK housing markets over the next few years as we enter uncharted territory. The big question for the industry is whether policy initiatives target short-term supply improvements, or look beyond the immediate horizon to create lasting, long-term solutions.

Interactive tool - JLL UK Residential Forecasts November 2016

JLL's interactive webtool provides access to the latest set of residential market forecasts for the UK.

The forecasts cover house price growth, rental growth, transactions and construction levels.

JLL Residential Research forecast house price growth of ½% across the UK in 2017 and 1% in 2018. Transaction levels and house price growth are expected to increase more strongly from 2020 post-Brexit.

Nine Elms: Understanding the Vision

Regeneration development at Nine Elms has attracted some negative attention based on a range of factors. This report is intended to address many of these issues head on, recognising that much of the press commentary to date is not entirely based on hard facts.

Central London Residential Development Report: September 2016

There may be further trouble ahead for London’s housing supply problem. The number of new build starts and the number of new planning applications have dropped like stones during 2016. An already cooling sales market, stamp duty changes and Brexit can all claim part-responsibility.

Mid Year Residential Market Update July 2016: The post-Brexit roadmap

The pace of adjustment post- Referendum has left an indelible mark on the British psyche. Social media, far more relevant than mass media in this minute by minute news cycle, is full of the philosophy of coping with change. The bad news is that when it comes to real estate, often the impacts of change are delayed, like a slow motion crash. The good news is that we don’t believe events will unfold anything like that.

Waiting for the Dust to Settle

The aftermath of the Brexit decision has been difficult for many in the property industry. This note considers some of the early implications for UK residential delivery. There will be structural and lasting shifts for the market, which as ever will represent both challenges and opportunities for many.

Can Registered Providers continue to fund social housing?

As Research Partner for the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Annual Conference, JLL posed a simple question: can we continue to fund social housing development? Our survey work was augmented by a pair of roundtable discussions with RPs and with funders.

What follows is as much a quest to understand ‘How did we get here?’ as much as ‘Where do we go next?’

London Residential Heatmaps 2016

Residential prices, rents and yields vary hugely across London. Visualising the vagaries is very useful. 

JLL Residential has teamed up with Rightmove to create some informative heatmaps of London’s residential market.

Priorities for the London Mayor

JLL Residential is looking forward to the fresh ideas that Sadiq Khan, London’s new mayor, will bring to solve the city’s housing challenges. He will have a vital role in identifying and promoting solutions to London’s housing challenges.

Central London Residential Development Report: April 2016

The Central London development market is showing signs of caution while it braces for the Mayoral election and the EU referendum.

Policy intervention has led to a tipping of the scales in favour of owner-occupier buyers but this is creating uncertainty for some developers and has led to a slowdown in starts.

Crossrail Opportunities 2016

JLL Residential Research has undertaken an in-depth analysis of the residential property prospects at each and every Crossrail station. 

Stratford - Coming of Age March 2016

From a residential market perspective, Stratford has clearly transformed. The Games drove real estate investment on an unprecedented scale, anchored by Westfield. Over 2,500 new homes have been built in the town centre since 2008, bringing around 5,000 new people into the community.

Crossrail Identifying Opportunities 2015

JLL Residential Research has undertaken an in-depth analysis of the residential property prospects at each and every Crossrail station. 

Central London forecasts restatement

Demand for Central London residential has deteriorated, forcing JLL to reconsider price growth forecasts published on 3 November 2015. This has been driven by a deepening of global economic uncertainty, notably from China, but more significantly by the imposition of an additional 3% Stamp Duty charge for second home purchasers and investors.