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Section 106 & CIL

S106 Expertise

Planning authorities seek developer contributions to ensure the impact of a development is not detrimental to existing infrastructure. These contributions are increasingly sought within the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) although s106 contributions still exist, particularly in respect of on-site provisions like affordable housing.

In London, there is also the interplay of the Mayoral CIL and s106 with borough-level CIL and s106 to consider.  It’s no secret that agreeing on these contributions often involves a process of negotiation.

The JLL Planning Team can guide you through this process with step-by-step advice. We have excellent working relationships with Planning Officers in every London borough, and understand the importance of ensuring that contributions are effective so that development remains viable. 

We will estimate likely contributions, looking at a council’s charging schedules and planning policies, but also draw on precedents for other development in the area. We’ll also evaluate a council’s proposals for development contributions, including emerging CILs, assessing the impact and justification. This will involve drafting and submitting representations and appearing at public examinations on your behalf.

Stag Lane S106 CIL Case Study

Case study - Stag Lane

JLL submitted a hybrid planning application on behalf of Network Housing Group and General Practice Investment Corporation Limited (GPI) at a site along Stag Lane in Brent. Following permission being granted, JLL were instructed to submit the CIL and SHR applications at the site.

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