UNCLE, Wembley HA988776

Wembley, HA9

Wembley, HA9

For rent
£1,625 per month
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£1,625 is calculated based on average of the annual rent, including 2 month free rent at the beginning of your contract. The first months the rent is free and in the remaining 10 months you pay £1,950 pcm, this can also be spread out over 12 months! Any further clarity required, please do get in touch! Price based on 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unfurnished. UNCLE WEMBLEY is the dream London...

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Key Features

  • On site gym
  • Basketball training area
  • Wellness / relaxation centre
  • Communal roof terraces
  • On-site residents' managers
  • Pet friendly options
  • Option for a 12 month to 3-year lease
  • Parking available at additional cost
  • Bills are not included