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600 x 400 average floor space newly built homes

Doubling up London’s first-time buyers

7th January 2015

By Nick Whitten

The UK builds amongst the smallest homes in the world with floor space in new homes averaging 76 sq metres.

The above statistic frequently raises questions about how much space is required to meet people’s aspirations. New research from JLL Residential Research shows that first-time buyers...

converging world of journalism and property research

Converging world of journalism and property research

6th January 2015

By Nick Whitten

"So, you’re crossing to the dark side”.
That was the initial response from some of my former Estates Gazette colleagues when I said I was leaving my job as News Editor to join JLL as a researcher a typical accusation of any scribe that hangs up their pen to join the corporate world.

richard petty on jlls affordable housing survey

Richard Petty on JLL’s affordable housing survey

3rd December 2014

By Richard Petty

At JLL, we recently revealed the results of our annual survey of the requirements and intentions of institutional investors in what is now known as the established “Alternative sectors”. A few years ago, when we started concentrating our efforts in this arena, any property investment that was not one of the traditional three areas...

issues facing rps

Adam Challis highlights the issues facing RPs

27th October 2014

By Adam Challis

It is once again time to cast our collective minds forward to the year ahead. What may come - including election promises made, kept and sometimes broken - will captivate the housing sector for most of 2015. One thing is certain; with polls consistently placing housing affordability at or near the top of voter concerns, industry issues will continue to attract political attention.

richard petty on valuing the uks 2.4m affordable homes

Richard Petty on valuing the UK’s 2.4m affordable homes

18th September 2014

By Richard Petty

The sector has a finite amount of housing stock available to it – about 2.4m homes at the last count, albeit growing slowly each year. Those homes have a huge range of underlying market values – our estimation is anywhere from under £50k to over £5m - if they were vacant and sold on the open market. There were only four...

richard petty on the altair report

Richard Petty’s views on the Altair report

27th August 2014

By Richard Petty

Quite a lot has already been written in the housing press about the Cosmopolitan crisis, including recently about the Altair report. But I suspect far fewer people have actually read the report than have read the articles in the press, and therefore there are plenty of assumptions being made about what it says and what its real recommendations are. 

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