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Build to Rent

UK multifamily - the £25bn pa sector?

22nd March 2019

By Nick Whitten


The UK multifamily sector turns 10 years old this year. While growth at first was slow, make no mistake, it is ramping up through the gears now.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging The Gap

22nd January 2019

By Adam Challis


The UK economic and political landscape has been dominated by Brexit over the past 2½ years. The next 2½ years are likely to be similar, albeit dealing with a different phase of the process.

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22nd January 2019

By Adam Challis


From Build to Rent to Multifamily – what does the sector look like as it turns 10 years old, and what does its future hold?

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Wishful Thinking

12th October 2018

By Adam Challis


Change is a constant. It's hard not to love that little paradox. At the same time, with yet another new housing minister for the industry, it also makes me wince just a little.

Do possessions make people happy?

17th July 2018

By Nick Whitten


This question is frequently tackled by behavioural psychologists. So, what is the answer? Well, as is often the case with the human mind – it depends. It depends on individuals and it depends on their circumstances.

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