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Stratford Aquatics Centre

Is London’s Olympic legacy worthy of a medal?

26th August 2016

By Caroline Harper

Following Team GB’s most successful overseas Games, there is concern from some about the real legacy of the 2012 London Olympics. Some have queried who new Legacy housing is targeted at, citing the huge disparities between sales prices and average local incomes in boroughs like Newham. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has also questioned whether affordable housing delivery, and indeed housing delivery generally, is as high as it should be.

Curbing Foreign Investment: A Worldwide Trend?

11th August 2016

By Philip Wedge-Bernal

The Canadian Province of British Columbia has become the latest legislator to attempt to curb inflows of foreign capital into its domestic residential markets. Last week, the B.C Province government took steps to ease pressures in Vancouver’s metropolitan real estate market with the introduction of a 15% stamp duty surcharge for foreign nationals.

Lessons From History

4th August 2016

By Nick Whitten

In periods of uncertainty, a look to the past can often provide much needed solace. So, following Brexit, can history help provide confidence to the residential market. There is no doubting we are in uncharted waters.

The name may have changed several times - the European Economic Community, the European Community and more latterly the European Union – but one certainty has always held true. The Common Market has only ever grown larger.

Will Brexit impact social housing delivery?

29th July 2016

By Richard Petty

95% of Registered Providers believe that building social housing is a core part of their social purpose. But only 20% believe that the government feels the same way. Those were the core findings of research conducted by JLL for the CIH and published at the conference in Manchester last month. What came through most strongly was the burning desire, and strong sense of social purpose, of RPs determined to provide high quality homes for those most in housing need. There were much more divergent views on how they would achieve it.

Excuse My French

Excuse My French

28th July 2016

by Adam Challis

MeSo what are you protesting about today?”
ProtesterHuh – there’s a homeless crisis and these guys need to sort it out right!?
MeYeah maybe – what is it you need from them?”
ProtesterWell there’s this legal high that’s f___’ing up people’s lives and these guys can build houses to fix that
MeGood luck then” {with an inner monologue that wondered at the huge gap in our respective understandings of both the problem and solutions}.

A Note to Self-Build

A Note to Self-Build

15th June 2016

By Adam Challis

 I recently visited Holland, where self-build represents 30 percent of annual housing supply.

I was impressed by self-build communities that displayed a wide range and variety of housing types. The communities bore little resemblance to typical new build housing, with a charm and a sort of quirkiness you don’t often find from volume housebuilding.

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