Brand Campaign

Sneaker Freak

In 2018, collectibles have come a long way from stamps and comic books. And when you have 137 pairs of trainers, we know that a cupboard by the door just won't do.

Let's find a home where your flatmates can come in pairs.
Urban living, your way.

Millennial Pink

Apparently, 2017 was the year this shade of pink was everywhere. But don't get too comfortable. According to Pantone, 2018 is the year of Ultra Violet.

Let's find a home that works for you in every shade.
Urban living, your way.

Takeaway Queen

Those cast iron casserole dishes might be picture perfect. But with 129 delivery options in your area, why bother getting them dirty?

Let's find a home where your kitchen stays a show kitchen.
Urban living, your way.


More work and even more play makes squeezing in that gym class a tough balancing act. No wonder 61% of us are championing home workouts.

Let's find a home where you can do both sit-ups and sambuca.
Urban living, your way.

Rockstar Accountant

51% of us dream of spending more time pursuing our passions. So after work, trade in the balance sheets for sheet music and by next year, you'll be heading Glastonbury.

Let's find a home where you can still pen that debut album.
Urban living, your way.


Yes, it's a thing and the smartest way to break your own rules. Probably why almost 50% of the country is cutting down on their meat consumption. Such delicious contradictions. 

Let's find a home for all your guilty pleasures.
Urban living, your way.

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