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European Residential - Investment Research Report

6th June 2018

The European residential investment market continues to grow at an impressive rate and this year the market has seen significant growth in demand from a wider range of global investors. Investors are attracted to the stable income profile, improved diversification and possibilities of building scale in the long term.

Prime Central London - May 2018

21st May 2018

The Prime Central London sales market is still adjusting to the tax regime introduced more than three years ago. Economic and political uncertainty is further muddying the waters. We believe the market is entering a new phase with some long-time owners reconsidering their Prime Central London options. 

Micro Living Defined

15th May 2018

The UK’s housing crisis has prompted the Government to set a target to build 300,000 homes per year to alleviate a critical imbalance between supply and demand. But what role might Micro Living play in addressing this imbalance?

Mayfair & St. James's street view

Residential Update: Mayfair & St James's

30th April 2018

Mayfair & St James’s are areas undergoing a transformational change. In recent decades one of the most expensive locations in the world has evolved into a largely commercial, retail and hotel destination. Surrounded by parks, adorned with iconic and historic buildings and home to London’s luxury retail, Mayfair & St James’s have undergone several eras of change.

Residential Forecasts: West Midlands

7th March 2018

Birmingham’s city centre has grown as a desirable place to live for many of the city’s young professionals, especially over the past couple of years. As yet, however, the residential development market has not responded sufficiently to meet this growing demand. This is partly because the latest wave of demand is relatively new, but is also because of the scarcity of available, developable sites in the city centre. These dynamics have pushed sales prices and rents higher.

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