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New maps from JLL reveal the green space premiums

London, 27 July 2017. Felicity Young, +44 (0)20 7087 5108

JLL Residential Research analysis of housing markets around 12 of London’s largest green spaces clearly illustrates how homes in close proximity of parkland are valued higher than properties slightly further away.

The research highlights the importance of providing green space in new developments. Green space is valued highly by buyers and renters in major urban locations. Developers who incorporate green space in their schemes increase the likelihood of creating a successful, longer lasting new community.

JLL Residential Research Director Nick Whitten says: "There have been numerous global studies that have demonstrated that homes located within close proximity of a park will typically command a higher value. This premium is clearly highlighted by JLL’s research maps which show homes located close to London’s largest parks typically have higher average prices than homes located further away.

"However there is a wide range in these green-space premiums from around 3% up to 20%. The precise value of the uplift will depend on a number of factors including exactly how close the property is to the park, the size and quality of the park itself and the facilities it contains."