UK Residential Forecasts – Home is… for everything

Our lives now revolve around our homes more than at any point in the past 250 years. In 2020, Covid-19 has accelerated a trend which is making our homes the centre of our lives once again with technology being the great enabler allowing us to satisfy our needs and wants in our homes.

 Our Residential Forecasts 2021 will look to the future and offer valuable insight on:

  • UK house price and rental value forecasts for the next five years
  • Expected future housing starts and levels of transactions over the next half a decade
  • Which cities will witness the highest house price growth?
  • Will the Covid-19 pandemic trigger large-scale de-urbanisation?
  • What role is technology playing to satisfy our increasing needs and wants in our home

Nick Whitten our Head of UK Living Research discusses our latest forecasts in the video below.


Nick Whitten – Head of UK Living Research

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