Proud to celebrate PRIDE every day of the year

Until everyone feels safe at work, in their own community and in wider society, the work to make it happen will not stop.

PRIDE month (June 2022 in the UK) and PRIDE in London 2022 (2nd July) serve as a critical reminder that there are still sections of society that are excluded and at risk of and experiencing persecution. But work towards a fully diverse and inclusive workplace culture must be year-round in all organisations, particularly in large global corporations like JLL.

PRIDE 24/7

Members of the various JLL diversity and inclusion networks and communities are committed to 24/7, year-round work to create an inclusive and safe working environment that gives everyone the freedom to bring their whole self to work and achieve their best.

Promoting opportunity for everyone means having the right networks in place to educate, inspire, and hold accountable. Events are a great way to fulfil all three of these objectives when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

JLL PRIDE highlights so far

PRIDE isn’t all about colourful campaigns and expensive stunts, the real action happens every time we recruit new talent in line with D&I policies, every time our D&I committees meet, every time someone comes to work and feels safe, valued, seen, and heard.

Here are some of our recent D&I highlights that we take PRIDE in because they’re making a real difference. We are proud to:

  • have been part of a working group that helped curate and shape content for the RICS Pride 2022 Seminar. At the event, Natalie Patrick (JLL, Senior Surveyor) lead a panel discussion featuring Rico Naylor (JLL Graduate Surveyor) as one of the panellists. You can watch the full event here.
  • be one of the 27 firms praised in the Estates Gazette Real Estate – Attitudes and Actions Survey, for promoting inclusivity across their businesses and the real estate and property sector. While the industry still has work to do, the 2022 survey offered up some reasons to be proud. JLL was mentioned repeatedly as leading the way, particularly with new internal policies and an emphasis on providing training and positively changing the workplace culture.
  • be hearing from atk LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity about their mission and history, hosted at our Manchester office and broadcasted to JLL employees.
  • join Building Pride, JLL’s D&I business community, in a Lip Sync Office Battle at their headline PRIDE event. We are challenging offices across the UK to create a lip sync video to an iconic LGBT+ anthem! Watch this space[ch1] .
  • have strong alliances within the Freehold LGBT network - a networking forum for LGBTQ+ professionals working within the real estate sector. We attend and support Freehold events throughout the year.
  • have held a Trans awareness workshop in March 2022, which was delivered by ShoutOut, a registered charity committed to improving life for LGBTQ+ people through education around LGBTQ+ issues.

Partnerships with people who know more than we do

Getting better at something every day means surrounding ourselves with people who know more than we do. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with important networks, charities and allies.

Find out more about diversity and inclusion at JLL and explore a career with us. 

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